Ripexal is literally designed from seven different substances which specialise in decreasing body fat in record time!


Did you know that one capsule of Ripexal has the strength of approximately 2-3 espressos? This is due to the premium quality energising substances within the tablet which have lasting effects!


78% of woman suffer from excessive water retention in the body. Using Ripexal's diuretic abilities you can get rid of several kilograms!

How did Ripexal come to be?
The architect of this genuine product shares her story:
One can say that behind the creation of this unique product was my own despair. Living a life of despair where I was unhappy with having a constantly overweight body with and constant lack of energy, led me into purchasing dozens of different products that "guaranteed" weight loss. Of course all in vain with no result. I have also been introduced to all the wonderful "dont eat and exercise" theories, but the human body is not a machine and our mind does its own thing. And more so in my case, as a person who naturally has an aversion towards sports and exercising and my love for "sweets" has no bounds. Living in today 's modern world I refused to accept the fact that with such advanced technology  a strong and therefore effective synthesised substance  had not been designed in order to support both the physiological and psychological aspects of the body. In 2011 I started intensive study of the chemistry of the human body, in search for a substance that could match my idea in delivering vast amount of energy to the body as well as support the body's own fat burning process. Since I have spent a lot of my time in different countries around the world I have sourced a lot of my information from highly regarded medical and educational institutes from around the world.
 After four years I finally succeeded and found what I was looking for. It was shown that when synthesising seven distinct active substances in with piperine (almost unknown in Europe), is the bull's eye. I followed this theory up with a trial on my own body, the incredible surge of energy and the loss 24 kg on the scales brought an incredibly real satisfaction and sense in that the last four years of relentless study of the human body and every possible aspect of loosing weight was not in vain!
After this everything fell into place. Everyone around me started asking me how I was able to so loose weight so quickly, how was I able to turn my physiological body around onto the right track... The interest and questions of other just kept coming people saw my success and wanted to know the secret. And so I decided to take all the knowledge and experience that I have gained, and incorporate it together to create one great concept that I will be able to pass on and arbitrarily modify it to suit the individual needs of my clients, to whom I devote most or my time to.
Many people are amazed by the uniqueness of this concept, how it differs from the standard rules for losing weight. A unique part of my weight loss was the fact that I was able to  maintain a womanly figure wile loosing weight. Meaning narrowing my waist as well as keeping a round and full buttocks... The answer? The chemistry of the human body is simply a wonderful thing all you need to do is understand is and learn able to work with it, this is something that not many people understand. But I believe that due to the growing success of Ripexal, there will be more and more o us that do!
Currently I specialise in body shaping, thus shaping into the desired "hour glass figure". I myself am an example of the so-called "Brazilian" body type, e.g. round bottom, narrow waist, short, and beautifully shaped woman. I would like  to see other women around the world adopt this trend, and forget about the old ways that are deeply rooted into our minds, that the most  important thing is to be skinny. I am sure that many men will share my opinion in that just to be skinny is not enough it is  just as important to maintain your ladylike curves...
I will never give up in my search for "womanly perfection" and will always share my experiences and knowledge!
Yours sincerely, 
Christina Carter, CEO